Unusual aerial anomolies photographed during surge of Florida firestorms

  Mid-May 2007
A professional photographer - resident of south Florida - forwarded these
daylight photographs of unusual aerial objects that were recorded through
the smoke of the mid-may firestorms - and in the proximity of the position of
the sun in the sky
E-mails from the Photographer: ( he/she - requests privacy )
5/13/07, 1/3200 @f/8.0,
"JB - Per your suggestions, I will begin preparing a short paragraph or two corresponding with the photographic
event/s. I appreciate the option of remaining anonymous, in that it is good enough that you alone will be able to
convey to me whatever info our photo feature brings about. If you know of any Ph.D's interested in analyzing the
image/s for speed/distance/size/luminosity/etc., by all means go for it!

BTW: The camera equip used was a simple 6 mp digital w/tripod & 10 second timer delay. Sold all my pro equip some
time ago, but now have become inspired to make a new pro purchase so I can contribute to the UFO investigative

As a freelance pro photographer for many years, I've contributed to astronomical research eg comets, asteroid
occultation, etc., as well as pro sports, community & political events, and on and on. Still have my Celestron C-11
telescope - might come in handy! "
'JB - Thanks for responding. Nope, you and I have never corresponded before.  Have always been interested in the
UFO topic though. I have numerous other photos from the same afternoon that show some few/many small light
objects, and some dark, within/near or outside of the sun's halo.

I have the photo EXIF data, which can be found within the original photo file. , but don't know how to extract that info
by way of copy/paste or other means. If you know how I can get that to you, You're more than welcome to it, if
interested.  Basically, they were taken at a shutter speed of 1/2500th at approx. f.5.07 f/8.0, ISO 80, focal length @
approx. 72 mm. '
*Note: #'s 4 & 5 shot within .5 seconds of each other. Timer and motor drive used
(3x continuous shooting mode).
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